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Monday, March 07, 2005

Where is Joy?

I had quite a busy weekend. However, when I got a chance to check my email I discovered (with great pleasure) that Joy had discovered my blog. She left a couple of comments that I have responded to.

Joy you left no email and you are not a registered blogger so I have no way of contacting you. However, I do hope you check back and respond. I had quite a bit of fun responding to yours.

By the way Joy. I love Britain. The city of Bath may be my favorite city in the world outside of Chicago!


At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear History Teacher,

I enjoyed reading your response – it was enlightening and entertaining. However, reading between the lines I detected an element of chauvinistic superiority. It may interest you to know that I am not a ‘she’ but a ‘he’. The name Joy is Russian for Joe. My students gave me the name because they cannot pronounce Joe. They also use the name Joy because it reflects my character – happy, positive and above all socially responsible. I bring Joy to their lives, or so they tell me.

Introductions over, I would like to address some of the points you made in the comments section ‘Freedom of Press in Russia’.

When I wrote about democracy in terms of citizenship and power, I was not talking about America and the founding fathers. I was actually talking about democracy (such an awful word) and the ancient Athenians. It is their model of democracy that is at work today – property and power. Witness the events taking place around the world – globalization and resource wars and all in the name of freedom and democratic principles etc. They are all there for us to behold and despair.

One of the reasons why I left Britain was because Britain is not a free and democratic state. We are locked into the European Union and governed by laws passed by that entity. It is not a government of the people but a government of bureaucracy, which is no government at all. I call it the New Soviet Union. But having said all that, it is the people of Europe who must decide what they want and what they are prepared to do about it - not the United States of America. The USA has nothing to teach Europe or any other nation.

The freedom and democratic principles you hold aloft are false and illusory. They are built on the assumption that freedom is a right bestowed by citizenship. It is not – freedom is not a right but an innate value given to all men at the time of their birth. The minute you subscribe to the notion that freedom is a right you abdicate your authority over how you wish to live your life.

We have a song in Britain that reminds all Britons that Britain will never be a slave. Well, the truth is we’ve become slaves – slaves to the illusion that freedom is a right bestowed by citizenship.

You talk about the American Constitution as if it is the defining article for determining freedom and democracy for all nations and all peoples. Clearly, this cannot be. The American Constitution is written on a piece of paper and is designed to determine the destiny of those men and women living and working within the parameters of ‘rights’ in exchange for their ‘freedom’.

I rather like the Huron Indian who felt that the white man’s obsession with property (citizenship) a peculiarity that defied the laws of nature. The Huron also felt that the white man’s political system was illogical and denied equality to all those participating within it. When asked about the political system of his tribe, he merely replied that he was the first and last of his people and as such he had a responsibility to participate in all levels of decision making. He did not view this as a right bestow on him by his tribe but as a responsibility bestowed by birth.

Interestingly, the American Constitution was founded on the principles of the Iroquois Confederation – ‘The Great Binding Law, Gayanashagowa’.

The Great Binding Law applied to all nations within the Iroquois Confederation. The law itself was seen as the responsibility of all – not a set of rights exchanged for a person’s freedom. Freedom existed the minute you took your first breath and was not a commodity that could be bartered or exchanged. It was the responsibility of all men to ensure that freedom remained sacrosanct through individual contribution to the law. This law was defined by the universal laws of nature that men are born, live and die as equals. Men are therefore not subject to abstract concepts, the American Constitution, but to physical reality. Herein rests the real notion of freedom.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the American Constitution has bastardised The Great Binding Law and turned into a tool in which to advance rights in exchange for perceived freedom. Freedom, democracy and rights are triangular euphemisms for property, power and control – the ancient Athenian model of government in which only 1/6th of the population can participate.

Some interesting facts for you: back in the 1920’s, America produced 25% of the world’s oil needs. Today, America now consumes over 50% of the world’s oil output. How can a nation, like America, lay claim to be democratic and free when it denies large swathes of the human population access to the same resources that could effectively banish poverty and starvation from the world?

What is so special about Americans that they see it as their divine right to perpetrate gross injustice against the rest of humanity in order to safe guard their lifestyle and prosperity? It my contention that, far from being a torch bearer for freedom, America is the greatest enslaver of nations and peoples the world has ever known. I view America and her Constitution as the greatest con trick devised by man.

Have you ever asked yourself why America is so universally disliked around the globe? It has nothing to do with its lofty ideals and all to do with the fact that America comes like a thief in the night to subjugate future generations of humanity.

America is a country on the rampage defining who should be allocated what in terms of resources and freedom. In reality, America is about securing a better future for the few at the expense of the many. It is we, the many, who must pay for your Constitution. I have no desire to pay for someone else’s dreams at the expense of my own. America is therefore my enemy, and whilst I have an aversion to violence, I understand those who would inflict like for like on a nation that seeks to enslave the vast majority of the world’s population.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do not hate Americans. I just hate their arrogance, avarice and their stupidity. Make no mistake. America is at war with the rest of the world – a war that it cannot hope to win. America has broken ‘The Great Binding Law’ and for that it will pay a very heavy price.

NB. Two points:

Firstly, I am a registered blogger - you just haven't found me yet.

Secondly, I love the idea of a History Blogger's Guild, and if no one is against my style of politics or my interpretation of historical events, I would like to participate.

Kind regards


At 11:30 PM, Blogger historyteacher said...


I greatly apologize for the gender mix-up. I am truly sorry and I will go back and edit my original posts!

On to your comments.

I feel like we are saying many of the same things. I also feel like you are interpreting many of the things I am saying as being mean spirited. If this is the case again, I am sorry you are taking it that way.

You claim that it is the Athenian model of democracy that is at work today. I completely disagree. Where do we have any sort of property or power requirements in the United States? Or are you even talking about the United States?

If anything we may need more requirements when it comes to who votes. What happens here is MANY people vote themselves an increase in redistribution of money taken by the government in the form of welfare, social security, and other government subsidies. I think the upper class (which I am far from) is having to sacrifice much more than their fair share.

You make some bold statements but give no specific examples which leads me to believe that you are simply spouting off what many anti-american media outlets say, but have no real evidence to back it up.

Let me give you a few examples of what you said:

Witness the events taking place around the world – globalization and resource wars and all in the name of freedom and democratic principles etc. They are all there for us to behold and despair.

What resource wars? I don't believe anyone is running out of resources. I don't remember hearing the middle east is running out of oil. The true problem is open markets and government control over its own people.

2 facts: No free country has ever suffered a famine. No "democratic" country has ever started a war against another democratic country.

Freedom is the solution to so many of the worlds problems - not the United States. Why do we get blamed? Because other countries use the United States as an excuse instead of looking at their own problems.

I completely agree with you about Britain. It scares me when nations give up their sovereignty and join national bodies like the EU.

That said, how is the United States making decisions for other countries? The only decision the United States has made is what is the best defense against the people who attacked us? Thats all! We are not going around the world telling countries how to run themselves.

You claim the US has nothing teach the rest of Europe. Well that is a scary statement coming from a teacher. Doesn't EVERY situation offer an opportunity to learn. The United States certainly can learn from Europe. Unfortunetely most of the lesson we have learned lately is what not to do. Let me give some examples.
1. Increase welfare. - The Dutch have such a huge welfare system that is open even to immigrants that the country is attracting so many people who have no jobs that the country now has a budget deficit that is a HUGE percentage of their GNP.
2. Germany has such high taxes that their unemployment rate is at a record high.

If you would like I would be happy to list more but I feel like that would be getting far from the topic. I am just trying to point out that we can all learn from each other.

You point out that the Huron Indians thought that property ownership was against the laws of nature. However, what would you suggest? Socialism certainly doesn't work. (or maybe I missed that history lesson.) I believe that property rights are very natural. John Locke even went so far as to claim that it was one of the three natural rights. It was the Americans that amended his Natural Rights and changed it to "the pursuit of happiness."

I have never claimed that the United States Constitution applys to all nations. However, I do believe that the US Constitution protects individual rights better than any other constitution out there.

I do not understand your statement that we "exchange our rights for freedoms." I would argue that we are not given rights in exchange for anything. We believe that we are born with rights. The only exchange of those rights is when we give them up by breaking the law.

You seem to think that property is such a bad thing. You Blame the United States for consuming. The problem is not the rate of our consumption. It is other countries rate of consumption. They are not consuming enough. We are not depriving other nations of anything. We simply buy what the market bears. The United States is the biggest supporter of free trade. We are not trying hinder countries from buying anything. We have so little government subsidizing compared to many industrial countries.

I realize we consume much more than other countries but lets look at the facts. China is rapidly catching up due to relaxation of their socialistic government. Again - freedom (at least in economic terms) has helped China. China will surpass us. Many Middle East countries are industrializing rapidly. Our percentage of consumption is decreasing - not increasing. When was our percentage highest? At the height of the cold war. When Western Europe and much of the middle east was under Soviet control. Again, lack of freedom hindered these countries from maximizing their potential. The more freedom is spread the better off these countries will be.

America is not deciding who should be allocated anything. Where are examples of this? The only example I can think of is in Iraq but again, we bore the brunt of the expenses there. Why shouldn't we at least get some form of payment back. Especially when we not only risked American lives but we are spending huge amounts of money to build their infrastructure back up which Saddam Hussein had let rot. Our goal is make Iraq self sustaining. It makes no sense for us to control their oil output for them or to control their prices. This would not allow Iraq to maximize their income potential which in turn makes them more dependent on the US. This would be against our goal. The sooner Iraq is part of the free market the better.

I do enjoy these conversations we are having. I wish you would share your blog address. I have searched under Joy, Joe and other terms but cannot find it.

As far as being part of the History Bloggers Guild - I would be completely for it. I am a huge proponent of free speech and I love dissenting opinions. However, you would need to share your blog with us. We still have 3 leader positions open. i hope you will consider being filling one of those spots. Scriptor at Historium has final say over potential leaders. Please check out his site. I have a link to it on my blogroll.

This has truly been fun. I hope to hear back from you Mr. Joy!


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