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Friday, March 11, 2005

Timelines on the Web!

Someone collects timelines. Here is his collection so far. It is VERY interesting. They cover history from the beginning of history to the present.




At 11:59 AM, Blogger Scriptor said...

Just a few updates on HBG. If you can, please inform Joy that he really needs to show that he has a blog that can represent him in the Guild. Also, make sure you tell people that their blogs only have to have a part devoted to history, at least a few posts a week. I am also considering specific "offices" to the Leaders. Basically, Leaders serve as collectors of information and "web scouts". They help out other Guild members in general ways, in return, the Guild members must all link to the Leaders. Just remember to put the world Leader in all the blogrolls to them. Now, as for the offices, they will put each Leader in charge of a specific type of job. See my site for more details.

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Scriptor said...

AlternaTime is quite interesting. It seems quite large and well-informed. I would like to use this as an example. Let's say sometime in the future HBG is a large organization with 100's of members (you never know), if the Leaders agree that Alternatime is an important source of information and could help members, each Leader would post about it and tell the 5 recruits he/she recruited using comments. This message would then be passed down the ranks.
One more thing, for know, you have the office of Chief of Recruitment and Statistics, the full details are on my site. If you want any changes or would prefer another job, please tell me. I don't want anyone grudgingly doing their jobs.


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