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Sunday, February 27, 2005

More on Public Housing

Here is a story in todays Chicago Tribune.

A few thoughts about Public Housing.

1. Anytime you place many people in a large building with no incentive to keep up the place, you are going to have many problems.
2. Section 8, which is what most people that were displaced by the CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) use to get housing has many problems, the largest problem being that it is overseen by the CHA.

Here is a scenario. You buy a 3 unit house in Chicago to rent out to section 8 people. The people that are renting from you are not living up to expectations that one would expect from renters. However, to avoid being kicked out of the unit the offenders are living in they accuse the landlord of not keeping the house up to code. Quite possibly, the reason it is not up to code is because of the people living there and they damage they have inflicted on the building. However, since they made a complaint the CHA now must come and inspect the building and see if it is up to code.

Now, think about this. Who is the CHA competing with? Section 8. The CHA wants people to fill its units. They do not want people to using section 8 if they have vacancies.

Also, if the CHA says that something must be fixed, they can withold payment of the section 8 voucher from a landlord until they fix the unit. Again, what is the lesson we have learned here. If a tenant is about to get evicted they can just trash the place and claim the landlord is not a suitable landlord. The tenant can keep living there and the landlord makes no money.

Here are a couple statements from the story above:

"A lot of people fell apart when they left the projects because all they know is those buildings," Stone said. "It's psychologically traumatic for some people and they probably need counseling. Me, I got my act together."

Has anyone ever driven through Cabrini Green before they started to tear down the projects? To me that would be much more traumatic than being moved out of there. Yes, I have been to Englewood. I have worked there and visited with people on their porch. Sorry, I don't care what anyone says, Englewood is paradise compared to the old Cabrini Green.



At 8:30 AM, Blogger Scriptor said...

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