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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

hmmmm.... Maybe Bush was right after all!

Maybe it's time Michael Moore and co. eat some crow. Don't hold your breath but this is encouraged reading for all liberals - by a liberal.



At 12:33 AM, Anonymous TN Jed said...

Right about what? All that anyone knows for sure is that the President limited our options for a policy toward Iraq. He identified an axis of evil and then proceeded to go after the one that is probably the least guity. I agree that a withdrawal in any near future is unwise and irresponsible - like I said before Bush actions limited options while percipitating a great cost in lives and resources.

American policy in the Mid-East for at least four decades has been to establish a non-Isreali ally - Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia... One election does not a republic make. It is far too early to break an arm patting ourselves on the back. If Bush, through little more than luck made the right choice, then it will probably be for reasons that have yet to manifest themselves. In any event, Bush supporters continue to equate luck with leadership. Let us revisit this down the road...


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