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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The true story of America's might.

Here is a response to an article written by a British professor. I think Victor Davis Hanson who wrote the response might not agree on much with this British professor.

I really enjoyed this article and think it gives a very brief yet comprehensive history of America's supremacy and why it's important that America exists. I think the point that really hits home is this passage.

Parris notes the presence abroad of thousands of American troops, but does not ask whether any other country has, or will have, the air or sea lift capacity to project such power, force that allowed American ships and helicopters to save thousands after the tsunami when Europe’s lone Charles de Gaulle was nowhere to be seen. China and India, for all their robust economies, have neither the ability to help victims of mass disasters nor citizenries wealthy or generous enough to give hundreds of millions to strangers abroad.

I think Mr. HAnson asks some questions that need to be asked soon in Europe or instead we may witness the end of the EU instead of the predictedend to America's might that the original article gave.



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